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Gallery Dasun recieves considerable attention from Gwacheon residents as the only private gallery in the town.


We mainly present art exhibitions which focus on beautiful Korean art traditions, such as Korean painting or Hanji (traditional Korean paper produced by hand from mulberry trees) work; and we believe that our project suits Gwacheon ideally as the location where Choosa Kim Jeong Hee (Korean famous artist from 18c) lived. We try to select art work that embodies notions of both Korean and modern beauty, rather than collecting kitsch or commercial work.


Gallery Dasun not only focuses on commercial business but serves the community by providing art education activities. We provide a place for art psychotherapy managed by An-yang Prosecutive office, and run docent programme to communicate with visit


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OPENING HOURS                                                                        
Public Open.  Wed  -  SAT  12.00 - 17.00             
TUE.  Reservation only

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